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How to migrate 5000 friends on Facebook to a Fan or Business page.

So you’ve slowly been gathering friends on your Facebook page, your personal page, that is, and now you find out that FB only allows you to have 5000 friends maximum. What do you do now? Well, if you have 5000 friends you are probably not a regular person. You might have set up FB to use for business, your community or cause, or for your hobby, and then things got a bit out of hand. So, here you are, running into the limits of what FB allows for personal pages and threatening to shut you down. Here’s what you might do:
You transfer to a Page.
The difference between a Profile Page (for individuals) and a Page is that instead of having Friends, you will now have people who “Like” your page, and there can be many more then 5.000.  There’s two ways of transferring to a Page:
1. You create a Page by hand by going here  and then on your Profile Page announce that you want them to move to the new Page. And you will ask them  to start “Liking” the new Page. Also tell them that from now on, that’s where you will post your updates.
Drawback: not everyone will move, and you might lose a lot of people in the process. You also end up with two pages, one personal and one “business” and confuse people.
The other option is:
2. Transfer your original Profile page into a Page automatically 
Pro: It’s like starting anew, but with your 5.000 original friends transfered into followers/fans/likers. Also, you will have much more opportunities for promoting and sharing your cause, business, subject.
Drawback: Your old page and all posts, images etc. will be removed permanently.
Here’s how you do it:
Step 1. Create a download from everything that was on your original personal FB page. You go to the bottom of your settings page under  Download   Please note: the download will not happen instantly, but will take up to 24 hours. Until you have downloaded you don’t want to kill your original page. 

Step 2. Announce to your  Friends with a post that you will transfer to a new Page. It’s good for people to know that you will be doing so. Also make sure that anyone still awaiting approval as a friend is approved, else they will not be transferred. Step 3. Go to the migration page :http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php?migrate
Facebook Profile to Business Page Migration
Step 4 Pick the type of Page you want to create, i.e. Public figure, Local business, Entertainment, Company, Brandor Product, etc. 
After you confirm this, your page will be automatically be transferred to the new Page and all your friends can now be found to “Like” this page. 
note: Sometimes your old profile image isn’t transferred, so check that out!
Step 5. You can use your old login (email and password) to logon to the new Page and set up the details of your new Page. 
Step 6. Tell everyone on this page how they got here. Why you transferred and that you are welcoming them to the new Page.
Your new Page allows you to designate different Admins, create campagnes etc. etc. take some time to go over the options.  
More info can be found here ‘Converting your Profile into a Page’.
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