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How to have MORE than 5000 friends in Facebook

Routinely “Weed Out” your Friend List

“With more than ½ billion people on Facebook… I can always find more friends”
~Michael Fletcher

“Weeding out” Friends” (when you get close to the 4 000 mark) Part 1

In order to ensure that you have a constant “flow” of new people coming into your friends list, you will need to start “weeding out” people who are not communicating with you on a regular basis on Facebook.
Begin by categorizing your friends each time you send a friend request or accept friendship by placing them in a list titled by month.  When you reach 4 000 friends you should begin weeding them out…
 Follow these steps carefully…
• Open the oldest Friend List that you have.
• Open another tab in your browser (control T) and sign into Facebook again.
• Go to your “Messages” area in the new tab.
• Choose the first person in your Friend list (tab 1) and copy/paste their name into the “Search Messages” box in your “Messages” area (tab 2).  This will identify the last date that you chatted with this friend
• If it was more than 3 months ago (or never)…send Note #1 below (or something similar)
• If it was within the last 3 months…send Note #2 below (or something similar)
Weed Out Note #1
Subject line:  We are friends…but I don’t really know you yet!
I notice that we have been friends for quite a while now and I don’t really know you!  How are you?  How are you enjoying your networking here on FB?  Having any luck out here?

Weed Out Note #2
Subject line: Been awhile…How are you?
It’s been awhile since we have chatted.  What’s new with you?

It has been our experience that approximately 50% of the friends that receive these notes DO NOT REPLY AT ALL!  The other 50% will start new discussions with you that you can use as part of your conversion strategy
This job should take approx 30min each week. Your VA can certainly do this job!

“Weeding out” Friends (when you get close to the 4 000 mark) Part 2

60 days after starting Part 1 above, it will be time to actually “cut” some friends.  Follow these steps to complete the job…
• Tab #1-go to the Friends List that you are weeding out
• Tab #2 go to the messages area and click on “sent” to find the messages that you have sent previously
• Scroll through your sent messages until you get to the date that you first started this task
• If you see your original message here…then your friend DID NOT RESPOND!
• Remove them from your friends list by clicking on their photo to go to their profile
• Scroll down their page until you find a “Remove from Friends” link.  REMOVE THEM! and confirm
• Use your “back button” on your browser to return to the area you were previously in your “sent items”
• Repeat until you have gone through all of your sent items for that date
Note: when people answer your email, they are moved out of this area and into the date where they last corresponded with you!
This job should take approx 30min/week.  Your VA can certainly do this job!
Imagine how many spots this will “free up” for new friends each month!  Usually about 200 for us!