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User-Behavior Metrics

These factors deal with how people interact with news content:
User-Behavior Metrics

1=strongest factor; 15=weakest
OpEd Commentary:
“# of Google Plus shares and +1′s are not important at the moment, but be prepared to be force fed the inevitable” – Marshall Simmonds
“Tweet first, revise the article later.” – AJ Kohn
“+1′s may not be the highest priority within the social signals at present, but Google will want to shift to Google+ signals since they have better visibility and capability in association with this data.” – AJ Kohn
“Google didn’t buy PostRank just for laughs.”- AJ Kohn
“If users are finding what they’re looking for by clicking through, the story must be of use.” – Bryan Young
(source googlenewsrankingfactors.com)