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Tutorial How to convert your Facebook Profile to a Fan Page

Facebook now allow you to convert your Facebook Profile into a Fan page, it should be noted this is a ONE WAY PROCESS. You can NOT change it back!
I know a lot of charities setup profiles and are reluctant to give them up and move to a Fan Page this new tool solves the problem by allowing you to convert your profile and all your friends into a more brand friendly Fan Page.
If you want to change a profile into a fan page Facebook have a new tool select the type of Page you want to convert your profile to and follow the instructions.
Facebook will copy over your profile image and your friends will be converted into fans who like your page…

Click on the bottom right panel labeled cause or community and enter the name of your org or campaign.
Click accept the terms and then click get Started  Remember once you do this you can’t undo it!
Once you click the button you will be taken to your page, to edit it use the option on the menu to use Facebook as Page. I have more details on the Facebook Page admin article.