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How it works

Get the basics on setting up and building your business with Facebook
Step 1: Create your Page
Facebook Pages are a simple, free product for businesses to create a Facebook presence and connect with new and loyal customers.
  • Add content
    Include important information such as your location, links, hours, photos, or menus so that people can get to know your business
  • Claim your Place
    Connect your physical store location to your Page by claiming your Place so people can find you and check in
  • Invite your customers
    Invite current and new customers to like your Page, and promote it with in-store signs, flyers, emails, and website links
Promote your Page on your website by adding a Like button where people can engage with your Page and share it with friends.

Step 2: Engage your customers
  • Join the conversation
    Use your Page to post regular updates about your business and provide exclusive offers to generate comments and drive engagement
  • Build deep relationships
    Get to know your fans and make people feel at home by responding to their comments in a predictable, timely way
  • Gain valuable insights
    Learn how your audience is interacting with your Page and make adjustments to increase engagement
Give people a reason to check your Page often, and provide rich content for them to interact with and share. These organic actions that people take with your Page create powerful stories that drive word of mouth for your business.
Step 3: Promote your business
  • Create Ads
    Use highly effective Facebook Ads to get the word out to exactly who you want using targeting criteria such as interests, location and more
  • Run Sponsored Stories
    Set up Sponsored Stories to take advantage of friends talking to friends about your business
Word of mouth marketing has been found to be two times more effective at driving results than traditional advertising