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Social Media Optimization for Google Plus +

Google Plus SMO ServicesWe finally got allowed into Google’s hot new Social media platform and couldn’t help ourselves from already finding ways to do Social Media Optimization for Google Plus +.  SMOcompany.com announces, new SMO services custom tailored to Google+’s integrated features, Google Groups and Google Sites. Furthermore, Google has already announced that their version of the FB like button, known as the +1 button carries a strong impact on your SEO (search engine rankings) and they’ve even gone as far as too add +1 metrics in their Webmaster Tools and you can also see a snapshot of it just below. The bottom line is, if SMO for Google Plus is not part of your daily SEO regime then your site will suffer.
Google Plus +1 button metrics in Webmaster Tools
View +1 Search Impact From In Webmaster Tools

Social Media Optimization Services for Google Plus

social media optimization google plusSEO and SMO for Google plus will quickly overtake Facebook or any other social media platform when it comes to the SEO impact that it will have on your site’s traffic. The reason for this is simple, because Google wants to reward the activity of using their platform rather then the competitions’. Therefore, people that focus their activities and efforts on Plus rather than Facebook with see much higher rankings and there’s not a damn thing Facebook can do about it because Google owns the Search Engine and can make all the rules.
Progressive but Whit-Hat SMO Services for Google Plus Include…
  • Plus Profile Creation and Management
  • Plus Group Creation and Management
  • Plus Site Creation and Management
  • Google Plus Networking
  • Google Plus Website Integration With APIs
  • +1 Button Syndication and Exchanges

Google Plus SMO CirclesUsing Google Plus Circles To Promote Your Website

Google Plus Optimization blows away any other social media platform when it comes to website promotion and the circles are a strong part of the equation. See with Plus circles, you can easily categorize, synchronize and target individuals into circles based on which site you are trying to promote. You can also expect to see full integration with Feedburner which is a great way to manage your mailing list as well!
As if it wasn’t reason enough that Plus is owned by Google but it also gained 500,000 users in its first 48hrs. This makes Social Media Optimization for Google Plus a wagon you cannot afford to not jump on. SEO for Google Plus is just a beautiful marriage of Search Engine Optimization meets Social Media Optimization.