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Here’s My Five Minute Tutorial on Getting Ranked On YouTube!

Let me start by saying, this is an alternative lazy method. The real sure-fire way would be to conduct your keyword research, analyze the competition, and make sure all your SEO is done, however what I am about to tell you is based on others success, and it works, so the choice is yours!
Let me do you a favor.  I’m going to save you a ton of money.  All these courses out there tell you how you can get ranked on YouTube, SAVE YOUR MONEY!
I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to do.  The best part….It’s not going to cost you a dime.  You ready?  Cause it’s real simple!

We First Need to Look At Other Members On YouTube, with Similar Content!

Do a search for a similar type video you want to submit.  In our example below we are going to your video is on “Dog Training”
- Let’s first take a look at the number of views these videos have received.
- Depending on how you are viewing this, the default is set to show you “anytime” views. This means they will show you views since the video was first loaded into YouTube. Make a note of the videos with the most views. Make sure the videos are similar in nature to your video.
In the demonstration below, you will note the “views” these YouTube videos have received.  The red arrows will show you that exact figure.  I chose these two videos because they had the most views out of all the videos for my “dog training” niche
tube1 Getting Ranked on YOUTUBE!

Is Your YouTube Video Considered a Hot Niche? Even Today…

Now just because a video has a high number of views does not mean they are current views.  It could very well be a niche that was  hot 2 years ago, receiving millions of searches, but this year has dwindled down to nothing.  Let’s make sure your video will succeed.  At the top of your page you will have the option to choose different “search options.”
You need to also do a search for the same terms with the upload date changed to “this month.”  Once again seek out the videos with the highest views.  This tells us that your niche or trend is still receiving searches, or is considered a “Hot” topic.  You can also check Google, Adwords, Clickbank, or any other means of evaluating a current trend.

Time To Submit Our YouTube Video

Ok, so we have identified successful videos in our category, were not wasting out time because we know it is a current trend that is getting current views this month….time to submit our video and hope for the same results.!
There is 4 things that we are going to “Borrow” from our videos that we made note of in step #1.  First take a look at this screen shot of a YouTube video below.
tube22 Getting Ranked on YOUTUBE!
Here’s what you need to do….you see those 3 areas i have pointed out?  Submit your video using the same tags.  Try not to deviate, You can change the description up a little bit, but remember….whatever this person is doing is working!
Make sure your tags area identical and that you submit your video into the exact same category.  Don’t deviate from the category or tags.  Also in your description try to include keywords that are in your description. For example, my keyword is “dog training”, so I need to include that in my description.  You might have a  keyword like “quit smoking.”
The keyword is anything that a viewer might search for to discover your site.  Follow these simple steps and your video should be getting some descent reviews.  Be sure to include the two bonus sections I have included below.  Want to help you the best way I can.

YouTube Bonus Tips

Here is a little something special for you.  This is information is “GOLD”
- TIP#1 Search out videos with the “HIGHEST” views.  Next click on that video and see if that user allows comments to be posted below the video.  The majority of YouTube videos do allow that.  Leave a comment that is relevant and useful to that video post.  When the user approves your comment (and they will) your comment will be at the bottom of this video, along with your user name that is linked to your profile.  This in turn will allow you to receive traffic to your videos from this video
-  TIP #2 This wont last, so do it while you can!  While your submitting your comments off to the right hand side, YouTube allows you to respond to the users video with another video.  The idea is that you would take the time to record yourself giving a response to that video on your own video.  So for the time being, you can simply submit one of your own videos, doesn’t have to be a response, but I’m sure they’ll change that soon!
-Tip #3 Once you have your video submitted, here is a sure fire way to get traffic to it, and FAST!  Do a search on Google for “Social Bookmarking” sites.  This consists of De.licious, Digg, Reddit, etc… There is probably 1000′s of bookmarking sites out there.  Sign up for your FREE account and bookmark your video.  Be sure to use your keywords when it asks for title and description.  This method has had me at the top of Google within hours.
Well there you go, and I didn’t charge you $197 either for that info.  Let me know what you think, and good luck with those YouTube Rankings!