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Google Plus – From 700 viewers to 2000 to a site overnight!

Google Plus Google Plus   From 700 viewers to 2000 to a site overnight!
Google Plus

Google Plus is going to be Massive SEO, Especially when integrated with the Google Plus 1

Alright guys, so I have a ton of work to do!  I mean a ton.  I’m currently in the middle of creating a product, build a WSO, trying to find the time to change my blog theme, and so much more!  So what do I find myself doing all day?  Playing with Google Plus!
I have to say Google Plus flat out left me speechless.  I made a video below showing you the best feature Google Plus has, but before we get there.  Let’s take a closer look at Google Plus.
It might be too early to tell, but I think that Google Plus will go head on with Facebook as well as Twitter!  The direction Google Plus is going, I think they will actually be the last social network standing.
Google Plus is set up a lot like Twitter as far as following people, however in regards to the posting side, it’s very similar to Facebook.  Just like Facebook you can add a link, photo, video, location, everything were already used to doing.  I mean the layout is identical to Facebook.
However, there is on BIG differnce.  It was a shortage that I recognized with Facebook a long time ago, and was already making my own social network, you can see below.  I came to my senses when I realized how much time I was going to have to dedicate to programming.
Here was my Social Networking Project:

chads social Google Plus   From 700 viewers to 2000 to a site overnight!

Alright, so what I want to point out to you, do you see the little boxes at the top that says Family, Friends, Co-Workers, this was what I knew Facebook was missing.  I get posts from my family that are mixed in with Internet Marketing posts.  I recognized a long time ago that we needed to be able to create separate groups, and be able to choose which users belonged to which groups.  So in turn if I only wanted to see what my family was up to I could do that very easily.

Google Plus saw the same thing I did…

Google Plus is set up exactly like I was shooting for.  In their network the groups you create are called “Circles.”  So here’s how this work.  I created a circle for Internet Marketing, one for my Inner Circle group, one for Friends, and one for Family.  Are you seeing how this works?
So just like the direction I was going, you can very easily just view threads, or what they call streams for that specific circle.  This means my Internet Marketing stuff is not going to be mixed in with my wife’s special little messages icon smile Google Plus   From 700 viewers to 2000 to a site overnight!
Absolutely perfect!  I could not of done it better myself, and I definitely tried.
I’m going to give you some pointers below to get you started but in the mean time, let me tell you why Im extrememly excited about this Google Plus network.

Google Plus is going to be very vital for SEO!

We have learned in the past, that when Google owns a site or network, they give a lot of credibility to backlinks within that site.  We found this to be true with YouTube, and more recently Blogger.  If you think about it, you would realize it makes perfect sense.  You ever notice how Google has top placement in the search engines, for every keyword related to their businesss, such as “Google Adwords.”  That’s a fun one by the way, try to get ranked for that baby!
Why is that?  The answer is simple, because they can.  Well I beleive the same is going to be true for the authority involved with backlinks in their Google Plus.  Why would Twitter and Facebook hold more weight then there own network?  Try comparing the strengths of your backlinks on YouTube vs MetaCafe or something.  You catch my drift?  Remember Google owns YouTube also!
Now they haven’t came out and said it, but I think your backlinks will be given more juice depending on the number of users in your circle, the interaction from your circle members, and the number of Google Plus 1, the page or post receives.

Google Plus 1 has been integrated with Google Plus! 
google plus 1 Google Plus   From 700 viewers to 2000 to a site overnight!
Google Plus 1

Why wouldn’t it be?  This was just a no brainer.  I think it was about a month ago, I started seeing all these Google Plus 1 icons on differnt blogs, pages, and posts.  Think about it guys, this is massive. That Google Plus 1 is going ot carry more weight then any other social netowrk out there, even Digg, Delicious, and Reddit.  Again, it only makes perfect sense!
I did a little social experiment, and I found that exact statement to be absolutely true.  I had some keywords that were just stag-net.  I couldn’t get them to increase or decrease.  They were just stuck.  When people started clicking that Google Plus 1, icon, my rankings went through the roof, on more than one occasion.  Google likes it’s own system, the have made it loud and clear!

Google Plus Increases Your Web Traffic!

I got a friend who lives in the UK.  He belongs to Sean Donahoe’s Inner Circle group.  His name is Rob.  I absolutely dig this guy.  He is one sharp cookie.  I was talking to Rob this morning on Skype and he told me something that made me choke on my breakfast burrito!
He said Chad, you won’t believe this but I have increased my website traffic for my money page from 700 viewers to 2000 viewers literally overnight.  Well guys, that was enough to catch my attention.  I said “Rob, you have to tell me more, what did you do?”
He says, I haven’t done anything.  I started getting involved with Google Plus, and started following some very big names.  The next thing I know they were adding me back, and carrying conversations with me.  Before I knew it my traffic for my site was going through the roof!
Now guys, I don’t know exactly what Google has in their sleeve.  I’d bet my life that they are measuring every bit of activitiy that is taking place in their Google Plus network.  If you have got you link listed in your profile then I’ll bet there is quite a bit of link juice being passed on to that site if they like what they see.  I mean doesn’t it just make sense?

The Live Interaction in Google Plus, is unlike nothing we have ever seen before!

Check out this video below, and be ready to be amazed!

This absolutely tripped me out.  In the video below, you will see a conversation that took place between me and 5 other guys.  It’s very similiar to what you see in the Live Skype Rooms, but 10x better.  Just watch the video below, I did my best to explain to you what’s happening.
Did I not say it was cool?  Trust me, where just starting to see the beginning of what Google Plus is going to be.  Remember, they were the first ones to understand how important it was to measure user interaction and activity.  No it was not Facebook!  Although I’m sure there are a ton of FB fans that would disagree with me.
I’m told that Google Plus will be releasing their API soon to integrate with the network, and there is also a lot of buzz about being able to create fan pages similiar to what Facebook has.  Guy’s I’m all aboard this one, for the simple fact it is Google and that’s ultimately who were trying to please.

Alright Chad, Tell me how to get started with my own Google Plus..

Here’s the bad news.  Google Plus is still working out some kinks.  There was only a few select people that have been invited to test out this system.  However, they are saying it should not be long before the testing has been completed.
Click this link below to be updated when you can register:

However, There is Good News about Google Plus

All those guys that you seen in that video above.  Were all putting our heads together to figure out every part of this Google Plus.  Remember since it has yet to be officially released there is still a lot of unknowns.
We are split testing and measuring every aspect of this whole network.  We are finding out what is working, and what is not working.  We have pushed things to the limit.  We can definitely tell you what will get your account banned, and on the other hand we can tell you how to make your keywords jump 30 spots, and how to quadruple your traffic.
So while you guys are getting set up and ready to Rock N’ Roll with Google Plus, were going to put our heads together to see what we can do to help you out.