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Google Places SEO Secret Uncovered.

Google Maps SEO Uncovered

Well folks, today you really are in for a treat. After much contemplation we have decided to give you our secret to high rankings in Google places (Google Local).
We have spent an entire year researching, testing and more testing to find out just what factors makes Google Local listings rank.

Forget what you already might know.

First of all let me point out, forget everything out there which you have seen on YouTube, blogs and news from “SEO gurus”. I hate to say it but it’s wrong. Seems one person has started off a theory, and millions of people have blogged on the same topic, slowly giving it more credibility then it’s worth.
The internet and its millions of  ”SEO experts” tell you,  Google local SEO works on the basis that you have to be listed in certain directories across the web. There is a strong belief that the if you submit to a select number of directories, you will eventually jump on the results.  Having been trying to optimise the maps from day one, this theory just didn’t seem to make sense to us, given the fact we had number 1 positions on popular key terms, without a single directory listing.
I hate reading blogs online, where someone gives you their top 5 tips on SEO , but in reality you get nothing substantial at the end of the article, just the same methods wrote differently. We know who these guys are ;-)

Google Maps Re Visited

Now back last year, the easiest way to push a position on Google local was to simply ensure that the titles of the business name were keyword rich and by playing around with the category section was enough to give you a decent push, these days are gone. This isn’t a bad thing, as it’s removed all the spammers keyword stuffing.
So now below, I will give you the best advice you will ever receive about Google maps, no catches.

1. Rule number 1.

Remove all duplicated listings. This is crucial if you want any of the below to work. You MUST search via your phone number, for existing listings already out there. Input your business name and then try phone number, until you are 100% there are no duplicate or old listings out there.

2. Have a Clean out.

Now time to search and destroy duplicate listings, but be careful which you delete and which you keep.
You basically don’t want to delete the listing which holds the most authority. We can gauge this by checking to see if the existing listing already has “key information” i.e. maps, comments, external site reviews, pointing to it. The more information held, the more authority it holds. Always delete the skinny one with the least amount of information attached.
See below circled in red where the “key information” is held.

Only once you are confident there are no more duplicate listings out there, you may proceed to the next step.
By now you should have 1 listing and hopefully the one which holds all the authority. If you’re creating a listing for the first time, Google may have previously created a map for you, so check double check and check again.

3. Basic Housekeeping

By now you should have setup your listing. Remember to always add a photo and fill out the category with your top keywords. DO NOTadd in a location with the keyword in the category section, with the hope this helping you.
Example: “Doctor Edinburgh” in the category section. This used to work, but not anymore.
Don’t worry about going OTT and adding 100 pictures and videos, this isn’t going to be a make or break point.
TIP (naughty book)
When your verify your number with Google, if it doesn’t give you the option to send a text or call to verify, this is not a good sign. If you’re getting an option to send a postcard only, this means your number is in the naughty book.
I’ve had to learn this the hard way, but once your numbers in the naughty book, it’s virtually impossible to recover. You will simply have to try another number. This can also be an indication you have a duplicate listing lurking in the depths of Google Places.
By now you should have a perfect listing.  You may already have noticed your listing shot up, this can work instantly if there was a duplicate listing previously out there.
Note: You can almost see maps update real-time by viewing your listing on the “maps” section first. Check .co.uk results first and it will be a clear indication of where you will rank on the main page.
Google maps updates almost instantly (not always) , you will find later the exact results are mirrored on the main search page.

4. Now for the killer tip.

You need a Google account for this. And I recommend you don’t abuse this , yet use it properly. The biggest factor in pushing a Google local listing up is, MY MAPS . Some may have noticed it, others maybe not. These maps are diamonds.
The trick is to create a map and optimise the titles. I will give you a demonstration.
  • Step 1. Go to Google Maps. (whilst signed in)
  • Step 2. Click on My Maps
  • Step 3. Click on lets get started and you should see
As you can see I am trying to optimise for Goldsmiths London. Drop in some useful content about what the map shows and save. Remember not to over spam this, keep it clean.

  • Step 4
Once your map is made, it’s now time to go find businesses and places to add to it. First step is to add your own listing!
Search for your business on the maps section , for this example I will search Georg Jensen Ltd who is our “goldsmith in London”
Click on the listing and you will see

Now save the listing to the correct map and your done!
Now this won’t work instantly, but over the next few weeks Google will crawl this map. Once its crawled it will attach to your local listing. Soon as this is done, prepare to see your listing rocket up.
Try and make your maps interesting, vary the different types of businesses and places you show, (whilst adding in your own).