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Get 40+ Free Auto Backlinks Submit Each your Blog Post

40+ backlinks Every blog post
40+ backlinks Every blog post
When I publish my blog post, I will go to each and every social bookmarking websites like digg, reddit and more then submitting my post. It was very hard to get at least 25 backlinks for my each post. After a long time I have found a good backlinks submitting tool. That is OnlyWire. This tool can create 40+ automatic free backlinks when you publish or update every blog post.
The 3 major benefits of only wire:
1. Save time: Don’t waste your valuable time for submit your post to bookmarking websites.
2. Boost traffic: onlywire can post your content to 42 social bookmarking website that create huge traffic to your blog.
3. Easy Ranking: these 42 social bookmarking sites having high Page rank between PR6 to PR9, so you can get high page rank and No.1 in SERP.

Here the simple steps to get backlinks with only wire
Go to OnlyWire.com,
Sign up the FREE account,
Login your account,
Click services tab,
Now you can see the list of 42 social bookmarking or networking websites. You have to go and register each and every site and Update your username and password of each site.
Tips: Create a same username and password to all these sites with help of RoBoForm.
Now you have to install OnlyWire plug in on your admin page of wordpress blog. Update the OnlyWire user id and password in plugin settings, that’s it.
Make one new post and publish it, you can see the submitting queue of 42 social bookmarking sites.

How to clear the OnlyWire Pending queue?
Go to the website download the submitting tool to your computer and then update your OnlyWire user id in to the tools.
Now you can see the all pending your submission will be done within hour.