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7 Steps to Get Free Keyword Tool for SEO Traffic Using Twitter

Most of the keyword analysing tool available in market. Here the one of best social networking site, ie Twitter,  you can use twitter is a one of the best keyword tool for SEO and traffic. How to use twitter as Keyword tool for SEO? Read the story.
Keywords SEO Google searches often involves placing the right opportunity to come. Twitter is now in private that people really looking for someone to research what you’re talking about instead of guessing what is and how easily. Both to increase traffic to your Twitter account and a Web page using Twitter SEO.
Free SEO tools using twitter
Free SEO tools using twitter
1. Go to twitter.com website.
2. Tweet using the search bar on the left hand panel  you want or any words on any topic on Twitter Search. For example, if you have information about the SEO, such a “SEO TIPS,” “TRAFFIC,” “FREE SEO,” “SEO TRAFFIC” or “SEARCH ENGINE TRAFFIC.”
3. Each search term, to verify the frequency of tweets. 20 search results in an easy way to do this is the first page, scroll down and see 20 when it was originally posted. The word “SEO TIPS” that occurred before 30 seconds 20 Tweet and “FREE SEO” If that occurred before 20 Tweet 90 seconds, people are often the word “SEO TIPS” is used. This “SEO TIPS” SEO is more valuable than a keyword that tells you “FREE SEO.”
4. Search for popular hash tags. Before the sentences, “#” hash tags to work by placing a group of popular topics. For example, # SEO’s people have a way of labeling the current records. Tweet that you see hash, use one or two tags, one more likely to take care of all the tweets. This is especially important is newsworthy or of other popular titles.
5. Your Tweet or article (preferably an article in the first two paragraphs) in the very beginning – Add words Tweed.
6. Any essay, poem or anywhere else you link out a Tweet on your website. Popular tags for keywords and use the same hash.
7. Twitter account you specify in your blog or website. Even that came out of self-promotion, but the traffic in mind that your Twitter account to increase traffic to your site and vice versa, be careful. You are in every shop (website, blog, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook) must work together to increase traffic at other locations.