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Swap Blogger Title Tags for Better SEO

Search Engine Optimization tips for Blogger Templates

These days, there is much discussion of how blog content can be optimized for search engines in order to receive better rankings. But have you considered how your blog template can be optimized too?

Swap Title Tags for Better SEO

If you open a post on your blog and look at the top of your browser, you'll see that your blog title is shown first and then the post title comes. We can improve our SEO (search engine optimization) by swapping these two tags so that the post title should appear first and the blog title after it.
1- Log in to Blogger | Dashboard | Layout | Edit HTML.
2- Find:
3- Replace the above code with the following one:



4- Save your template and see what appears first, your blog title or the post title.

Very Effective SEO tips for Blogger Templates !