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SEO on Page Optimization

SEO on Page Optimization is the most important
things for SERP (Search Engine Result
), the main reason is because it can help our web page to get
listed at the first page of search engine result, all we can do is optimizing
our keywords related to the
 content of our website. Today, it
is very important (especially for
 Internet Marketers /
professional webmaster) to have a website that is ranked in the top 10 list on
search engine result
 position. If your site is listed in the top 10 search result (on
the first page) you will
 get more traffic for your website from
Google or any other search engine, otherwise you might as well forget getting
much traffic from search engine because many people never go past the first
page of search result. Basically there are two type of SEO effort to make your
web/blog more search engine friendly. First is On Page SEO Optimization, and
the other is
 SEO Off Page Optimization.
In this posting we will discuss about
 On Page Optimization
 and the rest will discuss on the next SEO post.

The main concern to SEO on Page optimization is
"keyword". "On Page" as its name, we will focuses on
how to optimize some of your keywords on your website’s page, and that part are
head and body section.

Domain name with keyword

If it is possible, try to give a name of your website
 that include one / two keyword that related to the content of your website. For
example, your website is about fresh water aquarium then it is better if you
give a url name "freshwater-fish.com" or "Indo-freshwater.com"

or any name that can include your website’s keywords.

"url with keyword is better, but it is
ok if u give a name of your domain with your name/company name"

Head Part

1. Title

<title>About your site with some keyword -

You can find how to optimize your title in my previous posting.

2. Meta Tags

Description : <meta name="description"
content="About your site">

Keyword : <meta name="keyword"

content="Some relevance keywords">

Robots : <meta content='INDEX, FOLLOW'

More about meta tag blogger

Body Part

1. Heading

Use <h1>,<h2>,<h3>

Search engine will consider that :

<h1>, means the most important keyword, the biggest
font size

<h2>, is less important and more smaller font size
than <h1>

<h3>, is less important and more smaller font size
than <h2>

Example : <H1>Keywords Products</H1>

2. Link

<a href="category.html" title="Keyword

with "title" as an "attribute"

3. Use "alt" tag on images

After all, search engine use bot (robot) to crawl
websites, so robot can not see what is
 the story (description)
behind the image. To help search engine to recognize an image, use
"alt" tag.

<img src="images.jpg" alt="image

Example : <img src="cat.jpg" alt="black
cat plays with
 the ball">

4. Page name or page url with keyword.

5. Text (keyword) with Bold, Italics, underline, and
strikethrough is more important.