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SEO Off Page Optimization

As I promised before in the previous post, Now I’ll discuss about SEO Off Page Optimization. When we talk about Off-Page factors we talk about Backlinks (links that point to your website), these include the quantity, quality and strength of links that point to your website. One site that link to your website will consider as "a vote" for your website. The more websites link to your website will be "more votes" which in turn helps to increase "the value or page importance" of your page / homepage, means the more important Google thinks your site is. We can say that off page optimization can increase your PageRank (also your rank position).... it is not easy to get a high PageRank, it takes times... different from SEO On Page, such as content building, keywords, title tag, edit meta tags ...etc, that can perform it in minutes/hours. The key to Off Page SEO is patience – it is about how to build your website’s reputation.

Things you should know to optimize the SEO Off Page

One way, two way and three way backlink
# One way backlink means links on other website pointing at your blog, but there is no link on your blog pointing at that website, for instance, A link to B (one way) then B has a backlink from A and A don’t have any backlink.
# Two way backlink means links from other website/blogs pointing at your blog, but there is link on your blog pointing at that website (reciprocal).
# Three way backlink??... for example A link to B, B link to C and C link to A, each websites (A,B and C) get a one way backlink.
As far as I know, one way backlinks are the best as quality and efficacy to increase your pagerank, though that it is difficult to get one way link. I think the best and easy way to get one way link is through social bookmark sites, just register and bookmark our blog on its social bookmarking site. The other way is give comments on do follow blog.

Quality Content On Your Site
This is the most important... If you have quality content on your website, people will quote your website in their blog as his/her reference article. If they like to read your article they will share your article, bookmark and tell to others about your websites. Use Ping Service after you have updated your content to get fast indexed by search engine.

Anchor Text
Use your keyword as "anchor text" on your link, for example if your blog is about "fresh water fish" and have keywords such as fish, fresh water, aquarium, tropical fish, beautiful fish, then it is better to use anchor text "fresh water fish" or "freshwater aquarium" or "tropical fish". Different anchor text as long as it’s related to your blog content / keyword is very good to buildnatural backlinks.

Natural Backlink VS Non Natural Backlink
# Non Natural Backlink use 1 (one) anchor text on all backlinks, for example, total backlink = 100, all backlink use "fresh water fish" (100% use the same anchor).
# Natural backlink use different anchor text with different portions also from different IP address, for example, total backlink = 100, 30% use anchor text "fresh water fish", 25% use "tropical fish", 25% use "www.freshwaterfish.com" and 20% use "tropical fish aquarium"... all backlinks are from unique IP address.
Which one is the best? Natural backlink is the best! Use different anchor text for your link and get link from different IP address.

Deep Linking / Natural Inbound Linking
Deep linking is making a hyperlink that points to a specific page on another website, instead of that website's main or home page. It is good to get a deep linking from another websites (not only on the home page). To get a deep linking from another website / blog, I usually give comments on dofollow blog.

Use free directory submission and article submission
This is also still good and effective way to get more backlink.

Build your social reputation
Join and participate in forums, get more backlink by putting your website link on signature.
Join social network, photo / video sharing sites (ex: Facebook, Friendster, Youtube, Twitter, Digg, Flickr, MyBlogLog... etc.) and spread your content / link.
Blogwalking and link exchange with your friends, build your reputations among bloggers and webmasters.
Give a comment on dofollow blog, use different anchor (keyword) for your link... your link will be on specific page, not in the homepage (remember about natural backlink and deep linking!)

Please keep in mind that rank is different with pagerank. A website that highly optimized for on page optimization can outrank sites that are less optimized but have higher PageRank.

Conclusions from SEO OnPage and Off Page Optimization :
Make it easy and be patient, to rank well on search engine you need to OPTIMIZE (NOT OVER OPTIMIZE !) your website’s keywords and get as many important and relevant backlink as you can.