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Part 3 – Registering Your Nameservers

Registering your nameservers

NOTE: The following directions only apply if your domains were purchased through A2 Hosting. If you purchased your domains from an outside provider you will have to contact them for instructions on registering your name servers. It can usually be completed easily through the registrars' domain control panel. Regardless of where your domains were purchased your name servers have to be registered for your VPS to work properly. Please contact your registrar for more information regarding this process if necessary.
Log into your billing account at https://billing.a2hosting.com
Click the "My Sites" link at the top of the page then click the "My Domains" link on the following page. A list of your domains purchased through A2 Hosting will appear. Click on the appropriate domain.
Under the "Domain Utilities" heading click the 'Register Name Server' option. A box like the one below will appear to the right.
Enter the name server information and associated IP addresses you setup in the previous steps. You will have to do this step twice, once for each nameserver.
ns1 should be the primary IP address and ns2 should be the secondary IP address you wrote down earlier.

Changing your Nameservers

Now that your name servers are registered you will need to associate your domain with those name servers. While still logged into your billing account, click "Change DNS" under the 'Domain Utility' heading. The following should appear:
In the fields labled 1) and 2) enter the name servers you just registered in the previous step and then click the "Submit Changes" button below the box.
This step concludes setting up your name servers. These changes can take up to 24 hours to propagate, although they are usually updated within 30 minutes. When a ping of your name servers returns the IP addresses you wrote down, things are working correctly and propagated.
NOTE: As previously mentioned, if your domains are registered with another provider you will need to register your name servers and update your DNS settings in the same manner at your respective registrar.