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Part 3 – DNS with HyperVM

HyperVM makes it very easy to create and edit your DNS zone files. Zone files are used to point your site to the VPS so it will display properly in a browser when you type the URL.
Using HyperVM to setup your DNS entries is recommended for all types of VPS's EXCEPT cPanel. You can run your own nameservers in Kloxo or you can use the HyperVM DNS option if you do not want to run/manage your own nameservers. Both Kloxo and cPanel DNS setups will be covered in Sections 4 and 5.


In order to make your site point to your new VPS you will need to update your nameservers at the registrar. If you purchased your domain through A2 Hosting you can update your nameservers through the billing system. https://billing.a2hosting.com
If your domain was purchased elsewhere you will need to update your nameservers at the registrar from which you purchased the domain.
The nameservers you need to use are:

Setting up your zone files

Zone files can be messy and complicated but HyperVM makes adding and editing your zone files easy. To setup a zone file click the DNS icon in the "Extra" box.
After clicking on the icon you will be taken to the DNS setup page that looks like the following:
The domains listed above are examples only and will not be shown in your VPS. To add a zone file click the "Add DNS" tab towards the top of the screen. You will then see a screen like the following:
To add the DNS zone file for your site just enter the URL of your domain WITHOUT the "www". For example, if your domain was www.ilovedogs.com then you would enter "ilovedogs.com" in the Domain Name field.
Select the IP address from the dropdown menu that you would like to use. The default IP listed is the proper selection for most zone files. If you have setup your domain using another IP address, select the appropriate one. Setting up your domains is not covered in this document.
Once you have entered the domain and clicked the "Add" button you will be taken back to the main screen. You will see your domain listed. By default your DNS zone will be setup with the most common entries already taken care of. If you need to add additional "CNAME", "A", "MX" or "TXT" records you can click on the domain and you will be taken to a page with many advanced options listed across the top.
To update an existing record, just click on the record you wish to modify and update accordingly.