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Part 1 – Getting Started (CPanel)

NOTE: It may take up to 24 hours after your order for your Softaculous license to be activated if you selected that add-on during the ordering process. Your cPanel license should be active as soon as your order is placed.
You need to gather a bit of information before you move onto actually setting up WHM/cPanel. Get a pen a paper to copy down a few numbers and keep them with you while you run through the setup. You will need them more than once.
Login to your VPS Control Panel at the following URL using the credentials located in your welcome e-mail:
Your VPS should be pre-installed with the VPS cPanel template. There is a section entitled "Information" that lists the currently installed template. It should look like this:
Next to 'ostempalate' it should read
Open VZ – "centos-5.2-cpanel-openvz"
If it does not you can click on "Rebuild" under the Console section and rebuild with the proper template.
In the same "Information" box there is an IP field, please check to see that there are two IP's listed. You will usually see the first one and only part of the second one. To see the second one click the "Main Ipaddreses" icon in the Console. Click the down arrow on the drop-down menu and 2 IP addresses should be listed. WRITE THESE DOWN. The first is the primary and will be referred to as such from now on.
Next we need to set the hostname on your VPS. Click the "Network" icon under the 'Console' section. Change the hostname to something like the following: server.mydomain.com
In order for cpanel to work correctly it must be in this format: subdomain.domain.tld
Gateway, Netmask, and Resolv Entries should be filled already. Do not change these values or your VPS will not function properly.
You will have to switch the "Network Bridge" setting to 'automatic' or it will cause an error when you click the Update button.
Once this is complete, click the 'VM Home' tab at the top of the page and click the button to reboot the server.
Once you are sure the proper template is installed, you have written down both of your IP addresses and set your hostname you can move on to setting up your cPanel VPS.