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How to: Sign up at the Open Directory (DMOZ)

We start from the Open Directory. Go to the site in http://dmoz.org Open Directory. Views initially appeared as follows :

Click the Suggest URL link at the top of the banner that is in DMOZ. You will be taken to a page that contains an explanation of the regulations or ordinances filed a registration website (How to Suggest a Site to the open directory). If you are a little (let alone many) can not speak English, it's good you read these regulations carefully. Among the points that regulation is important for us to know:
1. Do not sign up with the name of a URL redirection, use the original URL from your web hosting.
2. Gordon had not finished registering the website, there is a page that is being done or there are broken links.
3. When you use the website's primary language other than English, then Enroll in the World category.

After you agree with all the rules described on this page then you click the link Proceeds to the Open Directory home at dmoz.org to start the registration process, you will be brought back to the front page (homepage) from DMOZ depicted above. There you should find and browse the categories and sub categories that best (appropriate) for your website has been created. Considering the third point which we mentioned above, if your site in Indonesian language, then the first category you should enter the World that there is a link on the bottom row of links. Click the link World.

You will be taken to a list of numerous links embedded languages around the world who traced alphabetically. The figures contained in parentheses behind each link category represents the number of websites that have been listed in the Open Directory for these categories. Find the link Indonesia. After the meet, click on the link. You will be taken to the next page which is the first hierarchy from the list of categories in a group of Indonesian website.

Here there are a number of categories like Shopping, News, Business, Health, and so on. Choose the most appropriate category for your website. In this case we take this website (BuatSite) as an example. For this website, we choose the Computer category. After the computer link is clicked, we will be brought to the next category hierarchy in which there are several sub categories such as Hacking, Internet, Consultants, Linux and so on. Here we click on Internet links that lead us to the next category hierarchy. Sub-categories contained in these pages, among others, Online News, Chat, Email Service, Web Services and others as shown below :

If I want to register my website in the Internet category, did not enter the deeper sub-categories, it got here I immediately clicked the link add the URL listed at the top (banner). If you want to see any sites that have been listed in categories (groups) on the Internet, Wind screen down there then you will see a list of domain names, complete with descriptions (brief) about the content of each site. If you wish to enroll in the deeper sub-categories, click the link sub-category in question and then click the link to add the URL as described earlier. After you click the add link URL, you will be taken to a page Submit a site to the Open Directory. On this page you are asked to fill out the registration form (registration). There are only four boxes you should fill it with good and true.

1. Site URL. Enter the address (URL) of your website. Remember the address referred to is the original address of the web hosting where you store your website files. So do not enter URL addresses Redirection.

2. Title of Site. Write the name (title) of your website. The term "Title" This has been explained in the lessons

in 10 pages ago.

3. Site Description. Type a brief description about your content. Even this has been explained on page 10.

4. Your E-Mail Address. Enter the email address you have.

After all the boxes have been filling your content correctly, click the Submit button located at the bottom. When all of your entries is correct, then on the next page you will find writings Submission Received stating that the submission of your website registration has been received. This does not mean your site has been accepted and will be included in the DMOZ directory. We still have to wait several weeks or months for the verification process. IBHS website when you submit are considered eligible and worthy of inclusion in DMOZ directory. Website is normally considered eligible shelf is a website that does not have serious defects in terms of manufacturing techniques and have the contents of a website (content) is quite unique because it contains material or information which is rarely found on the internet.