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How To Increase Traffic To Your Website Using Google SEO

Being placed at the top of Google for keywords people search for definitely increases your site’s traffic. Here are some case studies on how ranking well on Google organic search results can do just that.
Given that SEO companies compete vigorously to rank well for our keywords, having any presence on the first page of Google for its related keywords and generating traffic is extremely difficult. But, as an SEO company that thrives by being able to rank its clients at the top of Google search results, we certainly have to prove it by helping our site rank at the top.
Google SEO Increases our site visitors by 198% since last year.
Mastergoogle.com is a domain we registered exactly two years ago. In the first year, 12,646 visitors found our site by searching on Google. This increased to 37,773 in the second year. And yesterday, we had the maximum number of visitors finding our site in a single day: 186.

This trend is not unique to our site. We serve many Google SEO clients that have trusted us with ranking them at the top of Google for sometimes very competitive keywords. Reed more…
Mavenlive.com is a unique and innovative physical therapy software that allows doctors and physical therapists organize, modify and print exercises for their patients.
In the past year that we were working on their organic SEO, their site has witnessed an increase of 16,000 visitors. This is a 794% increase.
Google SEO Helps Start Up Company Increase Its Organic Traffic By 794% In One Year.
As a start up company, Mavenlive.com had to compete with well-established software companies on the first page of Google. Today, they rank #1 in Canada and #3 world-wide for their most important keyword: physical therapy software.
Dr. Grussmark is a renowned orthodontist in Miami. He specializes in Invisalign and has helped over 15,000 patients throughout Florida and beyond. He signed up with us about seven months ago and has witnessed an increase of 168% in his websites organic traffic from Google.
Dr. Grussmark has seen 168% increase to his site's Google organic search based traffic.
He currently ranks #1 for Miami Invisalign.
Mark Chahal and his company signed up with us just about three months ago. Our team was able to rank them above most of their competition for luxury car rental in Los Angeles within a couple of months. Subsequently their traffic increased by 170%.
170% increase in organic search traffic in just 2 months.
Chimeraexotics.com currently ranks #3 for Los Angeles Lamborghini rental and #2 for Los Angeles Ferrari rental.
Mr. Smillie has been our client for just over a year. Since his market and keywords including Aruba villa rentals  were competitive, it took us a few months to get him ranked well on Google. But the results were amazing. His site visitors from Google organic search increased by 817%.
817% increase in traffic to the site is a direct benefit of professional SEO services.
Dr. Digiallorenzo is one of the best periodontists in the world. He has been our client for a couple of years and our team has been able to rank him very well for his keywords on Google including Philadelphia dental implants. Amazingly he also ranks on the first page internationally for periodontist.
Dr. Digiallorenzo has seen an increase of 64% in traffic to its site coming from Google search results.

Mr. Bingeman hired us about a about a year ago to improve his site’s rankings on Google organic results. His innovative product, software and most notably Cryosim is making headline news. In the past six months, his site moved up to be #1 on Google (UK) for his main keyword email archiving appliance.
In increase of 45% in organic search traffic to the site is due to Google SEO.
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