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How Many Visitors / Page Views Need Your Blog to Earn $1000

All bloggers wants earn money. If you want to earn $1000 in adsense, how many visitors / page views want to your blog? I have searched over the net. There is lot of confusion to calculate visitors / page views need to your blog for earn $1000 in adsense.
How many visitors need to your blog
How many visitors need to your blog

Many people said that a blog get 500,000 page views can get $1000.
Somebody says, 1,000,000 page views need to get $1000.
One of the Famous blogger Tim Carter said that his blog got 40,000 unique visitors per day helps to earn $2000 per day. (Approximately 40,000 visitors X 2 page views = 80,000 page views)
Another famous blogger said that his blog got 200,000 page views and $1300 for one month.
One of my blog got 400,000 page views per month helps to earn $1000/P.M.
“If a website can cross over the half a million (500,000) visitors mark – he can make $5,000 from ads per month” – A famous blogger.
Why this Difference?
Its related to niche of your blog, highest paying keywords, place of advertisements, and number of ads you have placed in your blog.
(source ibloggr.com)