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Google Adsense Account Disabled? Choose best Alternatives

Once upon a time my Adsense account got disabled due to invalid clicks. I was worrying about my account getting banned. Now many of new bloggers has got disable their Adsense account for many reasons. I have decided to choose another one alternatives for Google Adsense, and I researched a lot for getting good paying website.

Adsense disabled alternatives
Adsense alternatives
Normally Google Adsense is CPC (Cost Per Click) Network. There is many more ad network available in advertisement market. You can choose yourself which is best ad network. If you blog get 1000 page views, there is a possibility to get 10 – 20 clicks. Your income approximately $1 -$2 if your blog get 20 clicks. Here the best and high paying website like Google Adsense. These sites paying $1-$2 eCPM, and upto $4-$6 depend upon your blog niche (in my experience).
Yahoo Publisher: My first preference to Yahoo. If you live in America, yahoo publisher network (YPN) is your best alternative to AdSense. The new publishers, but they rarely apply the new publisher.
Chitika: This is one of the best ads network. When it began as an alternative to Google AdSense Chitika created a lot of noise. But ultimately it is stabilized and a contant good earner.
Adbrite: This is your third best adsense alternative (or second, if you live outside USA) to monetize your website. Please note, you may see very little earnings for first 15 days (or even a month) as they collect your website statistics.
Bidvertiser: This option is advertising on your site is a good situation. They wage a long and very robust. You can withdraw your earnings even $10.
Clicksor: It is the Fourth best alternative to AdSense. Inline text and banner ads on your website, this case offers both. It is therefore a good alternative to Google AdSense can be.