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6 Very Important Tips to Get Free Traffic Your Blog

free blog traffic tips
free blog traffic tips
There are many creative tips to get free traffic your blog. But only few tips only very important to get mass traffic your blog. Just follow these simple tips, definitely you will get good result in just 3 months.
  1. Quality / Fresh Content: it’s very very important one. If you are a blogger, you must create helpful and useful. Post regularly with fresh content. Considering add related video to your blog post is worth. Avoid content generator and copy paste methods.
  2. Create Backlinks: I have posted a lot of tips to get quality backlinks and social bookmarking tips. Read well my blog. Get quality ideas.
  3. Keyword and Description: find a quality keyword and description to your blog. This is an very important one for get organic search engine traffic and improve your page rank.
  4. Advertise: this is another way to get free traffic. Use some press release sites and some article directories. Write about your blog / website. This is the best ways of advertising your blog.
  5. Freebies: write an ebook and add your blog. Offer some online classes and seminar is best way to hold your visitors.  Add some useful software to your blog for free download.
  6. Social Networks: stay online with social networking sites like twitter, facebook, digg, myspace and more.