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6 Free WordPress Plugins Helps Get Auto Backlinks and Traffic

This is my first post in the category of WordPress. Every blogger want more backlinks and traffic, I have searched a lot to get automatic backlink and traffic. Finally I am using some plugins that creates more internal, external links and massive search engine traffic to my website. Here the best and free wordpress plugins you should use it.
Onlywire This plugin submit your blog post to more than 40 social bookmarking website and networking website. Its create 40+ automatic backlinks to your blog when you publish each post.
Extreme SEO: This plugin has more function including backlink building with no extra work. Its provides dofollow one way inbound links to your site. You can get backlinks from unique domains and related your post content.
LinkLaunder:  This plugin create backlinks automatically from other blogs. The links will be some random anchor text and good deep links to your blog. This process will be done automatically.
Backlinks: This plugis works very simple, that function automatically create link back to any article. Its uses a simple blog search and find articles then linking to your blog post.
Autolinks:  a good plugin which I using, its working very smart way. Its create links automatically for images of the post.
SEO smart links: provides link automatically keywords and phrases in your blog post. This will be more beneficial for who want build internal strong backlinks.