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5 Best CPM Ad Network for Make Money With Your BlogMo

If you think to make money with your blog, consider CPM based ad networks. This is also best alternatives for Google Adsense. You will be getting paid to the number of impression (page views). Normally, it’s refers cost per one thousand impressions (1000).  For example: your blog will generate 50,000 page views per month with $1 CPM, you will earn $50 per month.

CPM cost varies from network, position of the advertisement and sizes. You can get as low $0.10 per 1000 impressions and high of $10 for the same. Here the best and high paying CPM (cost per mille) ad networks that you can earn some money through this.
List of CPM ad network with traffic requirement:
  1. ValueClick: This is the best and high paying CPM ad network.  If you want to get approval, your blog must have min 3000 page views per month.
  2. Casale Media: If your blog gets 10000 unique visitors per month, you can choose this network.
  3. Burst Media: This is my favorite and I recommend to all, if your blog gets 20000 page view per month, Go with burst media.
  4. Tribal Fusion: This is a solid and best pay scale depends on your niche, min site requirement 500000 unique visitors per month.
  5. Morning Falls: If your blog generates 10000 page views per month, you can go with this. It’s suitable for beginners.
(source ibloggr.com)