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3 Steps to get Level 2 in yahoo answers and backlinks Free

get yahoo answers level 2 backlinks
get yahoo answers level 2 backlinks
Are you feeling difficult to boost your level on Yahoo Answers? When you move up levels, you can answer more questions create backlinks to your blog and poll and rate more often. Here I am sharing the easiest way to get level 2 for very quick.
  1. Create yahoo answer account.
  2. Find very easy unsolved questions.
  3. Answer 20 questions daily.
If you answer 100 questions in 5 days, you will cross 250 points and your account will be level 2.
How to Create Backlinks in Yahoo answers?
Step 1. Now, you have to create another one yahoo answers account. Use this new account for only make questions.
Step 2. Make 10 very easy questions related to your blog from new account. Questions will be unique.
Step 3. Answer these questions with give your blog links from your level 2 account. Don’t spam. Submit it some bookmark website.
That’s it.