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16 Sites to Get Google Adsense Account Easy in One Day

Now a days Google Adsense has changed many rules like you have a 6 month old domain and unique content. Like now for Indians and some other countries too difficult to approve from GoogleAadsense. How to get Google Adsense account in one day? Is it possible? YES, it’s possible. Today I am going to share new and mind-blowing trick to get Adsense account in one day. Here are the 16 sites to get instant Adsense account. I have checked and working fine.
1. Go to Docstoc.com
  • Select I’d like to set up an AdSense account.
  • Submit your Email For adsense.
  • Fill your details and Create Account.
That’s it. You will get Confirmation mail from google adsense within 2 days.

2. Go to Flixiya.com
  • Click Sign Up
  • Fill all the details and Click Join Today.
  • Then Upload at least 10 images or Upload at least 10 videos from YouTube.com
  • Then Monetize button enabled your account
  • Click the button you are redirected to Google adsense.
That’s it. You can get approved within 2 days.

You can use these sites also to create adsense account in one day.
3. hubpages.com
4. indyarocks.com
5. cybersist.com
6. oocuz.com
7. rateitall.com
8. senserely.com
9. xomba.com
10. paidtoblog.com/how-it-works/
11. mediflix.com
12. skyfa.com
13. yousaytoo.com
14. youbundle.com
15. Zlio.com
16. weebly.com