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10 WordPress Adsense Ads Plugins for Earn More Money Blog

Earn more money is the aim of bloggers. Bloggers used many ways to earn with their blog. Some bloggers using affiliate marketing, advertisements, banner ads and more. Most of the bloggers using advertisement through CPC ad network like adsense. Here the 10 best WordPress plugins will give you hassle free ads placing experience in your blog to earn more money.

Wp Google adsense manager allows setting your publisher ID with 10 fields. You can insert ads in your template, your post and side bars.
Why do work adsense allow insert ads without edit your template. You can set ads display only older then X days. This is also very good plugin and you can use it.
Adsense daemon is the simple solution to google adsense. You can place ads after the content, before the content, left and right float content. You can add within the post paragraph.
1-Click-AdSense inserts ads into all your posts and pages of your blog. It’s automatically set the position and sizes to get maximum revenue.
Awesome ads insert google and other ads like chitika, adbrite to your pages and posts. You can use adsense and chitika ads the same page with this plugins.
Adsense Now is the very simple plugin gives user friendly configuration interface and you have the total control of adsense block.
Easy AdSense provides a easy accessible way to make more money from your blog. With its fabulous set of features, Accessible AdSense is conceivably the aboriginal plugin to accord you a complete solution to all AdSense-related.
Best Google Adsense is a chargeless plugin and this software that automatically admits Google Adsense ads.This plugin is accordant with the widget system.
Adsense on Top provide to option Google Adsense Ads automatically to the Top and Bottom or left/right margin of your blog. So you can monetize unused space. More visible and CTR also very good.
Awesome Google Adsense is automatically placing Google Adsense ads into your blog post, Pages and Sidebar. You’ll never need to copy and paste codes in your template, let Awesome Google Adsense plugin do the very hard job for you. This plugin compatible for iPad, widget systems, multi-lingual.